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What is mission-based casino game?

TrophyMine is not a formal casino game simply focused on accumulating more chips. More than that, by releasing mission-based casino games, TrophyMine introduces the newest way to enjoy casual casino games.

The levels to be clear

TrophyMine is basically a collection of different casino games that players can try. There are currently more than 10 types of casino games, including various types of poker game, blackjack, free slots, craps, and video poker: Jacks or Better, Jokers Wild, Deuces Wild. In addition, TrophyMine has hundreds of levels to be cleared. Every level has numerous missions that can range from the simple earning of chips to reaching a targeted score, to collecting special badges as ordered recipe. This is how TrophyMine changes formal casino games into exciting mission-based, addictive games.

The mission of TrophyMine is to earn more points while playing. To win at a casino game, players should have some skill in addition to luck. ItThat is the same as at a Las Vegas Wynn hotel casino and at a free casual casino game.

For example, there is a basic strategy to a blackjack game, and you should follow the decisions of this basic strategy in order to win. Other casino games have the same rules as blackjack. The video poker game Jacks or Better has its own basic strategy for making the right decision about when to draw, and Jokers Wild or Deuces Wild has an even more complex basic strategy.

Texas Hold’em poker is the most complex skill game among the casino games. On Amazon.com, there are lots of books about playing poker. For example, How to Win a Tournament Game, How to Win a Limit Poker Game, How to Win …, etc.

On the TrophyMine, mission-based, free casino app, high to low scores are given based on how well a player plays the game. The result of each game reflects the player’s strategic skills and choices, which will let player know whether their choice was the best or the worst.

Texas Hold’em strategy, BlackJack Strategy, Video Poker Strategy can be learned and acquired by playing TrophyMine games.

You can see the all kinds of casino game strategies at the website wizardofodds

Every casino game includes using chips to play. TrophyMine is basically a collection of different casino games, and players should clear the mission with a given amount of chips. If he or she loses all of the given chips, the game will be over, and the mission will fail to clear. If a player clears the mission without running out of the given chips, the mission is completed successfully, and the player can move on to the next level, which will include new starting chips.

That’s why TrophyMine, the world’s first mission-based, free casino game, has no asset of chips in inventory, unlike other casino games.

So close to beating the other player or clearing the mission, but you are short of chips or out of hands? Uh-oh! But it’s not time to give up yet because you’ve got boosters at hand! Use free or purchased boosters to set the pace against competitors. There are ten types of boosters currently available.

The higher TrophyMine’s game level, the more difficult it is to clear the mission. That is the nature of every game. At TrophyMine, when a new level is started, 1-3 types of free boosters are given to the players. The players can use these free boosters whenever they like. However, to maximise the booster’s effect, they need to use some strategy. The timing for using a booster is very important. Players should find the best timing for using their boosters. In case of a shortage of boosters, they can purchase more in the app store, as allowed according to their current playing level.