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TrophyMine Launches as the World’s First mission-based Free Casino Game(Press Release)

Posted By Jay    On 29 April, 2015

this newly released mobile app game is expected to take over the online gaming world by storm

Casino Hero has been official launched as the world’s first ever casual casino game. Without any asset inventory that eliminates the hassle of struggling to accumulate chips, this newly released mobile app game is expected to take over the online gaming world by storm.

Mobile casino games are among the top favourite of many players from different parts of the world. The thrill of these games is the very reason why they have come very popular among a big portion of the population. But today, fans of casino games can look forward for far more thrill, excitement and fun with the release of TrophyMine.

As the first every mission casino games introduced to the world, Casino Hero is not just about accumulating more chips. More than that, this game will get the players glued to their seats as they try to clear different missions that can easily eliminate any boring moment during the game. Casino Hero is basically a collection of different casino games that players can try.

There are currently hundreds of various levels included, with every level having numerous missions that can range from the simple earning of chops, to reaching a targeted score, winning the first spot in a tournament as well as collecting special badges.

The best thing about Casino Hero is that aside from poker, there are many other famous casino games included in this amazing app, giving the players with their very own mission casino right at their fingertips.

Low to high score is given depending on how well the game was played. Every game’s result will reflect the strategic choice and skills of the player that will let them know if they picked the worst or the best choice. To beat other players even when out of hand or short of chips, there are also available boosters in the game.

Players can choose to use either purchased or free boosters to set the pace against their competitors. There are currently ten kinds of boosters available that can make playing the game even more fun and exciting.

Casino Hero is the newest mobile app game that will definitely change the way people look at casino games. With hundreds of levels to complete and with more chances to beat other casino players, this latest app is definitely going to become a big hit.