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we are looking for profitable partnerships

Posted By Jay    On 30 April, 2015

We have just launched the world’s first mission-based, free, casual casino game - TrophyMine

We have just launched the world’s first mission-based, free, casual casino game—TrophyMine—and we are looking for profitable partnerships.
As you may know, the free casino app market is enormous, and the competition is also tremendous.

TrophyMine is not a formal casino game simply focused on accumulating more chips. More than that, this game will get players glued to their seats as they try to clear different missions, eliminating the hassle of struggling to accumulate chips.

TrophyMine is a single-mode game like Candy Crush Saga. That is, players play against AI players at the game table.

That is a great benefit, especially for the mobile environment. There is no time wasted waiting for another player’s turn to finish, so the game moves very quickly. We spent 2 years developing the AI player. As a result, the AI player can play like a poker pro.

TrophyMine is basically a collection of different casino games that players can try.

There are currently more than 10 types of casino game, including poker, blackjack, slots, craps, video poker, as well as hundreds of various levels.

Every level has numerous missions that can range from the simple earning of chips to reaching a targeted score to winning in tournament poker, as well as collecting special badges of recipe.

TrophyMine is the newest mobile app game that will definitely change the way people look at casino games.

In addition to hundreds of levels to complete, TrophyMine includes ten kinds of boosters that can make playing the game even more fun and exciting.

We believe that this latest app is definitely going to become a big hit.

We are open any types of partnerships that will help grow our business and produce excellent results for all parties. Best regards.

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