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The first and the best mission-based, free casino game in app stores anywhere!

Posted By Jay    On 27 April, 2015

TrophyMine will change the way you see and play casino games!

Casino Hero has launched the world’s first ever mission-based, free casino game that you can play anytime, anywhere.

Old Casino game only fouced on accumulating chip is gone, and goal oriented new casino gaming is here.

Definetly it’s the best and fastest gambling game you can play. This makes it perfect for casual and very active gamers alike.

Now a days, free casino games are fast moving to the top of many players favorite game lists. Gamers around the world are screaming for awesome, fun, and quick play. Casino Hero is here to answer the call!

This game bring your all of the thrills and excitement you could ask for, much more than other casino games that make you unnecessarily wait for chips, players, or other important aspects of casino gaming.

There are literally hundreds of game levels to achieve! The first missions are basic introductory missions to help you become more familiar with game play. Then it’s on to earning chips and reaching target scores. Each level can have many missions.

Casino Hero Features:

  • free casino games
  • Many casino games to play for fun
  • Hundreds of levels to clear
  • Awesome graphics and cool effects
  • Exciting action as often as you like without waiting
  • High speed single-mode in a casino game that you will love
  • Tournaments, cool gaming, awesome achievements, and boosters that will enhance play
  • Casino Hero is taking the casino gaming strategy
  • Many of the most favorite casino games to play Texas Hold’em NL, Omaha HL, Blackjack, Video Poker, with many of other options!
  • Change the way you play and look at casino games, play Casino Hero!